Dear Neighbor,

Dwight Central Management Team, Friends of Dwight Historic District and Greater Dwight Development Corporation are neighborhood organizations working together with our partners, below, to support homeowners by getting information to you.  Do you need help buying or fixing up a home, making it energy efficient, finding a licensed contractor, finding money to do the work, get help in filling out paperwork to apply for loans or grants, or if you are not sure what to do first, this website is for you.  To view short videos in English and Spanish about how to get help from local organizations, please click here.  Please fill out this form so that we can send updated information about resources. 


  • Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven offers free classes in home purchase, home maintenance, being a landlord, financial management.  They provide foreclosure counseling.  203-562-0598.
  • New Haven Preservation Trust offers free workshops on how to apply for the Historic Preservation Tax Credit. 203-562-5919. 


  • City of New Haven Livable City Initiative:    There are specific programs to help people with Down payment and Closing Costs, Energy Efficient Upgrades and Emergency Elderly Repair programs.  These are all loan to grants.  Go to  or call 203-946-7090 for more information.
  • City of New Haven, Health Department:  There is a LEAD remediation and abatement program to help assist Landlords with lead abatement. or call 203-946-6999. 
  • CT Green Bank. This is a State of CT resource that provides a variety of tools to help you to make your home energy efficient. of New Haven has a program with CT Green Bank to assist you with home energy efficiency called I Heart My Home. Call for information, 203-562-0598.
  • Refinancing.  Go to the Vision Appraisal database, City of New Haven, to see what your house is worth. Talk with your bank or credit union. 
  • NHS of New Haven home repair loans.  203-562-0598

Tax Benefits

  • Connecticut Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program.  This program can provide a thirty percent tax credit for qualified expenses of $15,000 to $100,000 with the renovation of owner-occupied historic homes with one to four dwelling units; in the case of multiple dwelling units at least one unit must be owner-occupied. Talk with the New Haven Preservation Trust before starting renovation or repairs. 203-562-5919.  Ask about preservation easements as well.

Repair Advice and Skilled Repair Help

  • NHS of New Haven can give you the names of local licensed carpenters, plumbers, electricians.  203-562-0598.
  • Historic homes can require knowledge and skills that not everyone has If you are not sure what to do or who to hire, the New Haven Preservation Trust can help with a free consultation. 203-562-5919. 

Other Benefits